Rewilding & Planting

Environment at our Property

The core and gem that defines Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is our 25 acres jungle property that is in a permanent ‘re-wilding process’. What is unique here is that the location-experience is the primary reason to stay with us. Unlike a “normal hotel” where the room would be a more important factor.

Wilderness is the Luxury

A Tree Tops Jungle Lodge booking, is the ticket to experience our actual luxury product. That is the possibility to staying at a such a large and private wild location on which we have set up only three eco-camp type accommodations for guests. Our property has no fence or boundary to the forest; it is part of the larger ecosystem.

Not only is our bush camp location naturally regenerated to wilderness, the lodge property is also situated along the boundary of a protected conservation forest. In fact, even merged with the tall forest. It is called the Rahatangala Forest and it’s connected with the northern block 4 of Yala National Park. Yala boundary is about eight kilometer south of the Tree Tops Jungle Lodge property.

Tree Planting

The camp property is a land where biodiversity is growing and is left to natural rewilding. Natural trees and bushes grow and is increasingly used as habitat by more birds, insects, mammals, lizards etc.

Moreover, re-wilding is facilitated by constant planting of trees as a part of our work; it is a passion and also a part of the ecotourism vision.

A Passionate Tree Lover - And Planter

Our company director Kamal has a large place in his heart for his tree nursery and is non-stop in an ongoing process of growing new trees and planting the trees when they are ready and big enough.

Kumbuk-tree saplings. Kamal has planted hundreds of Kumbuk trees