Award Winner

Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award

Lars Sorensen, M.A.
Managing Director
Founder, Owner , CEO
Tree Tops Jungle Lodge (Pvt.) Ltd

From a press release, 15th December 2008 :

“At an evening award party in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia,

Sri Lankan Tree Tops Jungle Lodge has been announced 

Winner !

of the Wild Asia Responsible Tourism Award 2008″

Wild Asia recognized That Tree Tops Jungle Lodge:

Why Tree Tops Jungle Lodge ?
- Wild Asia Said:

Dr. Reza Azmi
Director and Founder,
Wild Asia:

“I visited Tree Tops Jungle Lodge, with a Wild Asia team of sustainability experts, for an assessment.

What’s great about the Awards is we always find a gem … that challenges us in our evolving views of what makes a ‘sustainable’ business.

What we discovered was how local everything was. From the design of the mud hut to the entire living and wildlife experience.

Despite being a small operation, Tree Tops Jungle Lodge serves as an important business, educational and conservation catalyst for the area”.

the Award Winner

Short Listing: The award winners were selected after six months of short-listing the finalists.
Inspections: As a unique feature for awards, the final eight properties were inspected by Wild Asia representatives


Wild Asia identified Tree Tops Junge Lodge as award winner based on a clear set of criteria; among them essential achievements such as :