Armchair Elephant Safari

An experience in a world of the wild

Wildlife sighting chances could often be greater if we stay at one place. At times it might be an advantage to stay in an armchair, in the camp. And similarly on walks just stay and wait at a chosen spot.

Waiting in silence with patience is a keyword and essential if we try to spot wild animals while we’re on foot explorations in the wild. Our camp itself is one of the best places to stay and wait.

Armchair safari is genuine safari

Jeep safaris are great in their own way. Likewise an armchair safari is great in its own way. On a jeep safari one will be exposed to engine sounds and fumes from thenvehicles. Exposed to other cars and talking sounds from other people who visit the national park.

An armchair safari has its advantages. Compared to a jeep safari some wildlife aspects are better experienced in our camp than on a safari. The sounds of nature, of wild animals, smells, alertness, tensions of wildlife, alarm calls. Together with bird and insect sounds.

It’s not all about seeing animals

Compared to a driving-safari, living in the wild entails other angles and perspectives on the life of wild animals. Other dimensions, rarely experienced on safari tour, like listening to sounds of a wild animal. Like our own excitement and feeling of adrenaline when there is an elephant in close proximity.

We often talk about ‘seeing animals’. And we often get questions about seeing animals. At Tree Tops Jungle Lodge our thinking is rooted in another attitude. First of all appreciate being in a wild natural habitat. It’s all about wild habitats, the living space for wildlife and for biodiversity.

The tourism service and product that we deliver is not wildlife watching. Our business is to provide a location where one has an opportunity to be living in a world of the wild. Inside a wild elephant habitat. If elephants are seen – maybe not but maybe, we can’t tell it in advance. Integrated in this business is a feel good factor for the guests, the bookings make it all possible. It’s only possible for us to create and maintain our wild nature property as long as we have tourism bookings.

Hide & Waiting Games

Getting the most authentic, real, exciting and emotional wildlife experience is something that follows the act of waiting for wildlife. It’s exactly the same on good jeep safari tour. The hide and waiting game experience means that we, the humans, are waiting as the static entities. While the animal is the moving object.

Slow Safari

On an armchair safari on can get so close to the wild animal that we notice a certain personality of the elephant, its concerns and awareness. Observing them moving, roaring, eating, belching. Giving the experience time. Getting the small of freshly cut grass, picked by a trunk of an elephant. On elephant highlight days – or nights.

Occasionally elephants appear and are visible on our camp property
An experience where we are hiding and waiting as static entities while the animal is the moving object

Occasionally elephants appear and are visible on our camp property. An experience where we are hiding and waiting as static entities while the animal is the moving object