Wild & Heat

The Wild And The Heat

The jungle law prevails. Ultimately natural factors will dominate our decisions and planning. The wild and the heat are two important factors for our walks.


Going on foot in the bush and forest with the lodge team is part and parcel of the experience. Yet – we also stress that walks are at our discretion and depending on natural factors like weather and wildlife.


A factor not to be forgotten is the sun and heat. Sri Lanka is a tropical country and temperatures can be high with the UV index at an extreme level between 10 am and 3 pm. There would be no walking most of the daytime between 11 am – 4.30 pm.

Mid-Day Siesta

For most people the mid-day time of the day is better spent in the shade. Wild creatures share this idea. Wild animals would typically spend the hottest time of the day in shade, and will be in relaxing mode until the late afternoon.

Also for humans, the best idea is to adapt to the rhythm of the jungle. To the reality of tropical heat. Live with the heat. Consider mid-day hours ‘siesta time’. Actively try to ’do nothing’. Explore the essence of the lodge stay. The natural rhythm of the day in the wilderness. The more days you stay, the more you will appreciate it, the longer you stay the more interesting it gets, to live a different lifestyle in nature …

The wild itself turns into siesta mood during the day while waking up for more action in the afternoon, evening and night. Tree Tops Jungle Lodge exists in harmony with the organic lifestyle of the wild, the heat, the day, the night. The tropical sun can be hotter than you think. Outdoor action is not always enjoyable during the mid-day hours. Neither for the client nor for our team, neither for birds nor other
creatures, big or small.

Wild elephants take a siesta in the middle of the day. Usually followed by a shower …