Guest Testimonials

Guests Who Stayed With Us     -    What Did They Say ?

“We stayed at several expensive, fancy, hotels but the highlight of our holiday was Tree Tops Jungle Lodge.

          We felt like part of a little family and it’s the most amazing setting for animals and nature. And – wauw – they just knew so much about ALL the animals and were really good at spotting them. The food was also very good.

          Nothing but praise for them. If we were to go back to one place in Sri Lanka – it would definitely be here”

Ann-Sophie og Henrik, Denmark. August 2023 

“The most authentic Sri Lankan experience I had – and only an hour from Ella. Everything from the food to the spectacular hand thatched roof is sourced in local villages, true sustainability.

          The food was honestly the best I’ve had in Sri Lanka and it was always varied. We went walking one day and found mushrooms … guess what showed up on the dinner plate two hours later.

          There are two walks per day offering incredible scenery and wildlife. We saw so many birds and butterflies, and followed elephant tracks through the jungle. Did I see an elephant? No, but truly wild animals are a treat, not a guarantee. Were they around the camp at night? Definitely as I heard branches cracking outside my tent and we saw signs of them in the morning.

         These guys have huge respect for biodiversity and nature and aren’t coaxing the animals to the lodge which is a huge plus. In addition, Kamal plants 1000 trees per year.

         My advice? Shave a couple of days off Kandy or Ella and stay here instead”

Michela, Dublin, Ireland.  June  2023

“We loved our time in the jungle, we didn’t expect the level of attentiveness that was shown by you all.  

           The “tents” are spectacular – as well as the dining / community area. The food was some of the best we’ve had in Sri Lanka.  Thanks for making our stay so special ”

Jenny Fogelin, London, UK. April 2023

“The stay at the Tree Tops Jungle Lodge was great and the birthday surprise cake and decorations really sweet! 

          We enjoyed our stay very much, especially the walks with Kamal”

Selina Schmid,  Germany. January 2020

“The brilliant resident nature team is led by Kamal and the jungle trackers are talented at drawing your eyes to smaller flora and fauna and caterpillars, tropical flowers and rare birds ”

Sarah Jappy, London, United Kingdom.
March 2019

” We enjoyed every moment in the sensational environment we had the honor of sharing for a short while.

          Amazing food and  Kamal and all the staff were superb, friendly and accommodating”

David Appelberg, Australia.  December 2018

“A fantastic stay at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. Elephants at dusk, the best staff, the best food in Sri Lanka. Early morning and late evening walks to see the diversity of wildlife – even the tracks of sloth bears, elephants and leopard.

          Our trackers were knowledgeable and always carried firecrackers!   Middle of the day chilling in the
mud-hut common area ”

Debra Le Cerf,  Australia.  August 2018

“Kamal and the team looked after us very well.  We went on two walks and saw an elephant the second time in the jungle. We saw a leopard on safari also.  Can’t ask for much more “

Alastair Lee,  United Kingdom.  August  2018

“Hi Lars  –  Your team was fantastic.  A very beautiful stay at your place. Our compliments for your project“

Daniel,  Italy.  June 2018

“Kamal’s knowledge of the wildlife of the area was outstanding.  The whole team were so professional in the way they ran the camp“

Elspeth  Drew,  United Kingdom.
November 2017

“We’ve been in heaven at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge.  Fantastic place, location and staff  – and very good food.

          Leopard on two out of three safaris in Yala Block 5. But the biggest surprise was seeing a Thick-tailed Pangolin just 10 meter from our tent – in the middle of the night ! “

Luis Sanz, Madrid, Spain.  February 2017

“The luxury and service we experienced at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge was so well balanced that we felt extremely comfortable from start to finish.

          The ambience, the way the staff spoke and acted, the decor, the food went up to a higher level“

Kristine-Louise, Denmark.  February 2017

“Thank you for a very warm and special stay. The staff were enthusiastic and attentive.

          We appreciated the leopard-print table cloth after seeing a leopard on our magical safari!  A holiday highlight “

Stephanie and Caroline,  United Kingdom. August 2016

” The atmosphere in the site is so relaxed, it has been the best 2 days of our holiday . We will recommend to anyone”

Ben Saffell,   London.  February 2016

” Dear Lars,   – the team took perfectly care of us and made the stay pleasant and memorable.

          Ice cold beer for the sundowner with night sightings of an elephant mom and kid. A great stay in your camp”

Sigi,  Berlin. March 2015

” Dear Lars and Kamal, we had a great time at the Tree Tops Jungle Lodge!

          The food is glorious.  We think you should have cooking classes at the lodge  – it could be very fun ! ”

Felipe Brias Pavan Silveira, Brazil.
August 2014

” …… Dear Lars, – Here we are.  Just one word, fantastic !  

We love the place.   Congratulations    ….  ! ”

Laetitia Morelli,  Katapult Travels, France.  August 2014

” Kamal and  the whole staff team are very friendly and talented people in all positions. 

          Without the passionate commitment to their work Tree Tops Jungle Lodge wouldn’t be the same“

Simon Eder, Berlin.  March 2014

” Thanks, Lars. Everything was fantastic. The food was amazing and the guys were great! I will recommend this place to everyone!“

Angelique Kuyper,  USA.  March 2014

“Blown away about the experience we shared with you. Unbeatable and priceless!  

          You have the passion that generates a feeling with your guests that money can’t buy “

Ann-Marie and Mark Fisher,
Kilkenny, Ireland. February 2014

” Our stay at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge was everything we expected and so much more!

          The walks in the bush and jungle provided us with views of different habitats and an amazing variety of birdlife. I think we saw over 60 species in our brief stay. We didn’t see any elephants but the evidence of their presence was everywhere.

          The accommodation was superb as was the food and the gin and tonic in the evening, a real luxury.

          The attentiveness of everyone was wonderful, but they left us to the peace of the jungle too – truly magical “

Chris and Helen Bosworth, England.
February 2014

Hi Lars, I am just texting to thank you for the great service, amazing staff and superb place. 

          We are so glad we came here“

Zeina and family, Beirut, Libanon.
January 2014

” Thanks for your excellent service at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge.  I feel very lucky and happy to meet you and your employees, to experience all the natural things.

         Watching elephants in the camp with you, was an enlightenment to me“

Cuy Yan, China.  October 2013

” More than amazing, true Sri Lankan, wonderful hosts, great food and amazing nature”

Matthieu, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
July 2013

” Luxurious tent accommodation in a wild and serene setting was an experience that we will remember forever.

          From safaris, to digging for gems in the river, to fishing in the lake, walks in the jungle, and waking up to the sounds of trumpeting elephants, we relished every minute of it.

         Good food, good wines, good times and great people…what more can you ask for…”

Harry Liberge, Hong Kong.  July 2013

”Kamal and his colleagues made us welcome, comfortable and well fed with extraordinarily good food! They are all an absolute credit to the operation and balanced so well the attentiveness of wonderful staff whilst allowing privacy.

          The walks were wonderful. Interesting, funny and educational. 

          Our driver to Yala was fantastic too. They all made the stay an unforgettable experience”

Tony and Annie, London.  March 2013

” Thank you so much for organizing our tour of Yala. 

          Kamal was fantastic, he looked after us amazingly and in general is a thoroughly nice chap!!  Our driver was fabulous in finding the animals”

Faye Williamson, London, UK.  August 2010

” Tree Tops Jungle Lodge was the highlight of our trip to Sri Lanka – despite the dreadful weather and the fact that the biggest animal we saw was the resident squirrel.

          We only managed one excursion into the jungle – which was really good. The staff were absolute stars. They took superb care of us and were very thoughtful.

          The food was simple Sri Lankan, extremely good.  Sun-downers – followed by a candle-lit evening meal – magic”

Bob, UK. January 2008

”The staff were so helpful and friendly- especially Kamal the Assistant Manager. The plentiful food was delicious, the scenery amazing, and the tree house was a fantastic place to stay.

          Sadly we didn’t see any elephants but it was still an amazing experience “

Erin, United Kingdom.  November 2007.

“Kamal was the perfect guide. His patience and kindness is wonderful. We want to come back in the future “

Ruth Wallein, Belgium. July 2007.

”My friend Sabrina and I loved every minute … the amazing food, the stars at night… the elephants, the birds…the walks.

          It’s truly a special place. I felt like a kid again for a few days”

Rilana, Bruxelles. January 2007.

” Amazing and enlightening experience. To witness elephants, along with other animals in the wild, was truly incredible. Kamal’s cooking was excellent, especially considering the simple kitchen set up.

          It was just so interesting to live for 4 days in a whole new way, and talk to people whose life is so different”

Philip Viner, London.   November 2006

” If you love the great outdoors, have a sense of adventure, and enjoy having elephants pass by before dinner, then this is a must! 

         An adventure, a true Sri Lankan experience, and a great deal of fun all rolled into one. 3 nights was not enough! ”

Keith Robertson, South Africa.  August 2006

” The Tree Tops Jungle Lodge people were fantastic and I was well looked after. I also had the privilege of seeing a whole range of wildlife and was afforded a glimpse of rural life in Sri Lanka through being invited into the homes of local

          I’d certainly recommend this particular holiday to anyone who has concerns for the environment and responsible tourism. Thanks! ”

Linda, United Kingdom, March 2006.

” The service we received from Lars and Kamal was absolutely fantastic from the initial tailoring of our individual itinerary, to the fantastic food offered, to the knowledgeable and interesting guided walks.

          The location of Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is fabulous, offering a seemingly remote retreat surrounded by beautiful landscape and wildlife”

Rachael, United Kingdom. July 2005.

” This ecolodge is the creation of a man with a vision. Beautifully designed and built, well looked after and totally in tune with its remote jungle location. This is a very stylish, yet simple place and spotlessly clean.

       The staff were all extremely charming and likable. Kamal, the cook, was a real star, providing us with some of the best food we had in Sri Lanka. All of them come from the local area and know the countryside like their back pocket”

          We never imagined that we could feel so luxuriously looked after and comfortable in a place without electricity and running water.

           At night the paths were lit with a row of oil lamps and dinner was served by the light of dozens of candles. I call that quite romantic, it makes you feel very special”

Karla, United Kingdom, April 2005.

” Undoubtedly the highlight of my trip. The staff were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable about the jungle.

          The basic facilities did actually enhance the experience, particularly the well bath. I urge anybody going to Sri Lanka to spend some time here to unwind and relax”

Warren, United Kingdom,  March 2005.

”This is a real jungle experience far from normal comforts.

          I think Lars is doing a great job and the project is definitely worthy of support”

Peter Davis, United Kingdom. February 2005.

”Fantastic, beautiful setting, the best hosts, jungle walks, breathtaking, beautiful food.

         It is basic, but that’s what is so lovely about it. You really get away from it all and to see animals in their natural settings is an amazing experience.”

Sophie, United Kingdom. December 2004.

”Everyone is friendly and the trackers really know their stuff.

          Be prepared for the basics, there is nothing fancy about this, washing at a well etc. but it is clean and hygienic. You get to see elephants in the morning while drinking tea”

Alex, United Kingdom,  July 2004.

”Staying with you was very special to me. I only have to close my eyes to feel myself washing at the well in the sun again, surrounded by nature and feeling the
suspense of elephants…”

Iek Boeles-Hulshoff,
Amsterdam, The Netherlands.   March 2004

”Amazing days at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. Kamal prepared wonderful dishes for us.

The two trackers Kumare and Podhe gave us unique insight and we felt safe with their expertise”

Kim, London. December 2003.

”I was very pleased to visit your Jungle Lodge in Sri Lanka.

          I love the concept and activities on offer. A really needed concept in the Sri Lanka accommodation scene. 

         Please keep me updated about every new move regarding your lodge”

Gonzales, Managing Director,
Robinson Adventour, Spain.
October 2003

“ If you are looking for a wildlife experience away from mass tourism, you have come to the right place! The camp is very remote and totally silent except for all the great jungle noises. The tents are very luxuriously furnished and there is also electricity at night. This is charged and stored by solar during the day.

          The team of 5 people take great care of you and make sure you feel safe and comfortable at all times. The food was delicious and more than enough. The hosts are all locals and grew up in the village and know their way around very well and show you the great nature in the area on the morning and afternoon walks. 

          Great care is taken to preserve nature – therefore no campfires etc. For this reason, some wild life comes very close to the camp – we were lucky enough to be able to watch an elephant eating directly from our camp. We also did a safari and our host Kamal went with us himself and explained everything and took photos. We saw a lot of animals – we even saw a leopard.

          All in all a very authentic experience and highly recommended “

Franciska van Dinther,  Germany. May 2023 

“Tree Tops Jungle  Lodge is one of the most extraordinary and unique places I’ve ever stayed.  Amazing people, incredible site, comfortable lodging, delicious food. I can hardly wait to return”

Heidi Hintz, San Francisco, USA.  March 2023

“Fabulous stay at Tree Tops  Jungle Lodge plus a brilliant full day safari tour with senior driver Danushka. Thanks so much”

Susannah Sheppard, United Kingdom.
April 2019

“Wonderful four night stay and quality time at the lodge itself with watching, listening and taking photographs of birds and small animals.

          The team shared with us their way of living and we learned a lot about cooking and the sounds of nature.

          As we came to this beautiful spot we met people who really cared about us.  And finally we left as friends. “

Jürg and Sandra Sollberger, Switzerland.   February 2019

”  Dear Lars,  
          I wanted to congratulate you on your local manager – I don’t recall his name, he said he has been working with you ever since the camp opened. 

          He was one the warmest, sunniest and calmest personalities we met during our entire trip in Sri Lanka. He has an amazing aura of peace and happiness. Thank you”

Felix Vogler, Austria.  August 2018

” Everything was amazing!  Tree Tops Jungle Lodge was a highlight in our honeymoon !”

Yaiza & Xavi,  Barcelona, Spain. August 2018

” Most magical experience,  thank you. I will be recommending this to all my friends in New Zealand ”

Lisa Holmes,   New Zealand.  July 2018

” Thank you to Kamal and all the staff for a lovely stay at your lodge.  Everything was great, from the accommodation, to the guided walks and the amazing food”

Camilla and Claes, Sweden.  December 2017

” We were very lucky to have visiting elephants in the camp two days out of three. We also saw a wild cat during one of the lovely walks. Eagles, kingfishers and butterflies added to the experience.

          We enjoyed everything in the camp, the team, the good food and the whole feeling ”

Eva and Goran,  Sweden.  November 2017

” Hi Lars – We wanted to thank you for the extraordinary stay and animal wonders on the safari that we had the chance to live.  

          You and your staff made our stay unique thanks to your thoughtfulness and high knowledge of this beautiful Sri Lankan area”

Stephanie Attinger,  Switzerland.  July 2017

” We enjoyed the stay in your lodge a looooot   –  Really what I imagined , and a lot more. Kamal and his team did a great job”

Oliver Kueng,  Madrid.  January 2017

“Thank you for a brilliant stay. It was fantastic, –  even the sleepless night with the elephant. Please thank Kamal, he was great – a good find ! ”

Eve Wagg,  London. April 2016

“HI Lars!  All your staff were fantastic ……… real attention to detail!!    – Thanks“

Pete Daws, UK.  March 2016

” Fascinating, surprising, memorable and great service.  We loved the jungle walks and learned from Kamal a lot about fauna and flora”

Kiki Baron, Hamburg, Germany.
November 2015

“We loved the environment, the wildlife, the food, the safari tents … and the best staff. We will remember it as a very precious place“

Trudy Satink, Holland.  August 2014

”  Kamal and crew are total professionals and the love and care they have for the surroundings and the wildlife underpins everything they say and do.  Credit to you all.

          On our first night within 1 km from the camp we saw members of your resident elephant herd.  All the food, camp and safari – hit the spot!  Bang on Chef man!

          I”m so glad I found you and your operation / passion. I am reluctant to call something which is clearly close to your heart as a ‘business’ because it’s much deeper than that“

Jim Monaghan , Scotland.  July 2014

” All the staff were fantastic, both in sharing their knowledge and love of the wilderness around them, and looking after our needs.   

         The food was superb. Tree Tops Jungle Lodge’s commitment to using locally sourced food and respecting the environment is commendable”

Erin, Canada.  April 2014

” Congratulations on running a great nature experience. We had a great 4 nights. 

         Your staff is very good.  It was great, thanks”

Douglas,  Canada.  March 2014

” Hi Lars –  A cracking place !!   

          Kamal quite brilliant !!  Thanks”

Ed and Natasha, London.  March 2014

” Thank you for letting us share your peace of heaven.  Accommodation luxurious, food delicious and surroundings unique.

          The safari trips were amazing and the driver was brilliant. Breakfast overlooking a watering-hole watching spotted deer and several other animals.  Beautiful lunch overlooking a magnificent beach.

         The whole stay was more than we could have wished for”

Adele Roberts, UK.  February 2014

” We had the most superb time at the camp – and didn’t want to leave. 

          We decided not to go on safari because we liked the camp so much. 

          Were lucky enough to have a couple of elephants try to drink my Carlsberg in the dining room last night …  

          It is really a terrific thing you do”

Nick, Edel, Finn and Sweeney,
New Zealand. January 2014

”Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is awesome and the staff is super friendly. We were even lucky enough to see some elephants. Thank you for a great time ”

Sebastian Roosen, The Netherlands.
November 2013

” We had a great couple of honeymoon at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge and would highly recommend it! Thanks to Lars and his team”

Simon Healey, Southampton. United Kingdom.  September 2013

” We spent 4 nights for our 30th anniversary and my 50th birthday. We were treated like kings and queens.

          Lars had organized a special time at my husband’s request, with all the walks and safari , wine and champagne that you could possibly fit in a day.

          The facilities were super comfortable, given this was camping. Thanks to Lars, Kamal and the team for making us so welcome”

Pauline, Canada.  July 2013

” Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is one of the best tented eco camps in Sri Lanka.

          Located in the heart of nature, in splendid isolation, it provides stunning views of steep hills and forests.

          The environment is still untouched and far from the madding crowd.  A place for total relaxation and a dream for nature lovers”

Alain Gras, Toulouse, France.  June 2013

” The Tree Tops Jungle Lodge team was very trained and efficient.

           Five full day safari tours. Lots of leopard photos for my book project ! Everything was perfect! Many thanks”

Giovanni Mari, wildlife photographer,
Milano, Italy.  June 2011

” Thanks for organizing our special holiday in Sri Lanka’s nature. The camp location in the Yala wilderness was fantastic and a source of peace for our mind.

          During many hours of safaris and a lot of wildlife sightings we appreciated your style of wildlife watching – taking the time, always patient “

Milos Kostka family,
Brno, Czech Republic. March 2010

” Dear Lars, I just wanted to write to say the most heartfelt **thanks** for my stay at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. I had the most fantastic time. The boys were all fabulous and they looked after me very well.

         Kamal is an absolute superstar and not only taught me an enormous amount about the wildlife and all the important work you do, but was great company in the evenings.

          So really thank you very much and good luck with all the work that you do “

Bronya Gorney, UK,  November 2007.

“Enjoyed my 16 days long stay and appreciate your efforts to extend the jungle and give more room for elephants to eat.“

          I did not miss meat, chicken or fish as I was well fed. So one learns something every now and again… “

Cindy Cho, San Francisco. July 2007.

”We had a fantastic stay in the jungle. All meals were prepared on an open fire and were very tasty. Staff were very knowledgeable about local wildlife and issues.

          The accommodation was different but well presented. We even saw an elephant on our last day. “

Susan, United Kingdom,
December 2006.

”  You are doing an amazing job out there by trying to protect the wildlife and also giving people like us the opportunity to really experience the jungle without all the tourists ”

Laura Bootes, United Kingdom.  November 2006

” Unforgettable moments, sitting on the shores of the Weliara Lake in the evening light as more and more elephants appeared before us.

          Just the two of us. And the guys from the ‘hardcore’ environmentalist project Tree Tops Jungle Lodge”

Isabel Villena, Barcelona,  July 2006.

”Lars has created something very unique. Everything exceeded our expectations and the food was some of the best we had in Sri Lanka. It was so refreshing to get away from our usual comforts and to experience life at a different pace. 

          The team of locals who help Lars at the lodge have a fascinating and detailed knowledge of the local wildlife and were happy to take time to explain what we were hearing and seeing.

          Although by no means guaranteed, if you are as lucky as we were to see the elephants at dawn and dusk it will prove to be the highlight of your trip”

Michael, United Kingdom. October 2005.

” What you have achieved is fantastic. The few days that I spent there were absolutely brilliant. Certainly the highlight of my trip to Sri Lanka”           

Les Tarves, Australia.  June 2005

“We came to Tree Tops Jungle Lodge  looking for something a bit different and hoping to see elephants – but we got so much more.

          It became so easy to sit in the hammocks and do nothing apart from look and listen.

          The elephants we saw were an incredible bonus but we were almost as excited by the eagles, the monitor lizard and the civet cat”

Nuala and Tom, United Kingdom.  March 2005

“The potential for birding is fantastic – the bird list from my database where I enter my records is quite impressive for a short stay!

          The food was simple but healthy, absolutely delicious and satisfying” 

Paul Seligman, Wales.  February 2005.

”Great time and the food was fantastic as well as the candle-lit evenings – magical! ”

Ros, United Kingdom,  November 2004.

”Great jungle experience – the rest of our trip had real trouble trying to match up to the time we spent with you guys. Something we are likely to never forget ! ”

Tom Alabaster, London.  April 2004

”We really enjoyed our stay – and everyone is fascinated to hear about our nights in the tree!!”

John and Maggie Carr, UK.   March 2004

“Kamal and Chandi prepared the most fantastic meals. This food could turn us into vegetarians, honestly. The lovable Podde looked for our security during the night and on our many walks.

         The jungle walks to the rocks, to the lake and to the ancient rock temples were a magnificent experience, although we didn’t see many animals. But this is not Africa and one doesn’t see much game in a thick jungle”

Manuel and Bea Zimmermann, Switzerland. October 2003. www.ecoclub

”An amazing place that needs to be seen to be believed.  Simple but yet comfortable with beautiful surroundings.

          The atmosphere provided by the team running the place, is second to none. Great food and fantastic people who are eager to share their knowledge of the local flora and fauna.

          Nights under the stars are tranquil but yet full of animal and bird sounds. I could hear elephants trumpeting not far away”

Christine, London. September 2003.

”Beautiful Experience! Everybody at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge were fantastic, an extended family, the hunters and helpers, you all do a wonderful job.

         Delicious food, the sounds of the jungle, the trees, plants, herbs, and arrack – what a potent combination”

Debbie Revel-Smith, Puerto Cruz. July 2003

”The combination of raw jungle experience and relaxation was perfect. Lars and the Jungle Lodge team were always attentive to our needs, whilst giving us enough space to feel like in our own private haven.

         For any travellers looking for an experience off the beaten track – get there before Lonely Planet does!”

Sarah, United Kingdom. July 2003.

“Here, you can walk freely around, instead of staying inside a car and being watched by wildlife rangers, such as is the case in most national parks like the nearby Yala.

         We were there at the end of the dry season – but still counted a number of 65 birds in just two days ”

Harm Kossen,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
September 2002.

”Tree Tops Jungle Lodge is very basic but we liked the laid back approach. We particularly liked the washing arrangements (al fresco by the well under the stars was magic).

         The food is excellent. The night walk through the jungle, over old lava flows and round one of the ancient irrigation ‘tanks’ under a full moon was an exhilarating and surreal experience”

Alex, France, February 2002.