Our Birds

The Tree Tops Jungle Lodge location is particularly good for “twitchers” because many species can be observed within a short time. Based on observations over many years we have a quite clear overview of the local birdlife. Here birdwatching is likely to be even more productive than inside the Yala National Park itself, while a combination is definitely ideal.

In our camp area more forest birds can be ticked. In Yala a lot of waterbirds can be spotted at the ‘tanks’ (waterholes). On a 3 night stay between 50 and 90 species could be observed in the nearby surroundings. More dedicated focus would result in more sightings. The number of sightings also depends on weather conditions and seasons of the year.

Among common birds seen or heard daily are Grey Hornbill (endemic), Malabar Pied Hornbill (endemic Sri Lanka/India), Sri Lankan Junglefowl (endemic), Indian Paradise Flycatcher, Green Bee-eater, Baya Weaver, Drongos – and many more. Some rare birds are common in the Tree Tops Jungle Lodge area. One example is the Racket Tailed Drongo; – a highly interesting bird that is often heard or seen.

The endemic Sri Lankan hanging Parrot is frequently spotted on morning walks.

Nightjar and several species of owls can be heard at night. The rare Oriental Scops Owls is common and this small owl makes a defining background call at night, especially following rainfall and calm nights without wind.

Our Total Observations

We have compiled a list of 200 bird species spotted around Tree Tops Jungle Lodge. Please note that the birds observed are spotted over many years. The complete list of observations doesn’t reflect an average guest experience on a few nights stay.

Some species have been spotted only very few times during many years. One example is Red Faced Malkoha. As far as we remember, seen only two or three times. But that is sufficient to qualify for inclusion in our list.

Common birds around us