jungle Trackers

How We Operate a Jungle Camp

With trackers Recruited in the local community:

Who Are The Guides Then ?

Our trackers handle the hospitality service, they are running the camp.

Or, the other way … The team members handling day-to-day camp management are the same team members that would be escorting guests on our walks.

Our team members as well as the management are able to play dual roles. This ability helps to control the level of our rates. This management concept also make the stay and the walks an authentic, personal, real experience.

We all know the jungle. That is our primary qualification for the jobs we’re doing. The jungle, the environment and nature conservations is And this passion could be considered the core of everything we do at Tree Tops Jungle Lodge.

Most of us are excellent trackers. So, the ‘guides’ on walks are the resident lodge – manager, the steward, the kitchen helper or the owner, the company directors, the CEO …

Local nature walks with our staff team