Ecolodge Concepts

An Eco Camp Created for Jungle- Living and Walking

Micro scale and minimalistic


Our pricing structure, and level, is based on the concept that defines our services, vision and management.

The Tree Tops Jungle Lodge experience depends on the small-scale-size of the camp as a tourism operation.  A 3 rooms concept allows the place to be operated as a  Jungle Living and Walk Camp.   Over many years we consciously preserved an unspoiled atmosphere, calm and quiet with a minimum of activity. Given our micro scale tourism concept we minimize traffic of coming and going guests. An approach that is a must for conserving our location as a habitat for wild animals and birds.

The minimalist camp infrastructure helps to :  

An Organic Stay

Not a program with itineraries

We take guests on local landscape and bird watching walks in the morning and late afternoon. We have daily routines but no exact timings of the day and no day-to-day itineraries.

Walks are an integrated element of the stay. We wish to underline that we don’t promise much when it comes to walks. Rather it happens based on the attitude that “see what happens and take what we get”. For that reason walks are not “included” as such in our rates. At least not as a guaranteed, paid, element.

Further, there is no inbuilt charge for walks in our rates. This helps to limit expectations to walks and is practical for our management; it’s also an economical and cost effective strategy. Beneficial for the guests, for the rates.

On a walk in the local landscape surroundings